Traci Overcome Many Adversity and Living in Victory Everyday

Traci had many adversities to overcome in her life. As she learned that God’s Word is medicine to the soul, she gained insight healing the wounded soul.  After gaining insight, she understood why so many Believers could appear to do everything right but fail to receive breakthrough in their lives. As Traci started Touch of God Ministries, her heart and passion are to see you reach your God-given destiny by helping you overcome obstacles in life. Through her seminars, many learn the process of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. She mastered many adversities in her life as she desires to see others set free through her teachings; Traci witnessed many miracles. Read some of these testimonies.

Read some of these testimonies.

Living in Victory Everyday

Traci born and raised in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. She lives in Tarrant County with two cats. She writes, teaches, and does live streaming shows – prayer and intercession broadcasts – around the world. She’s traveled to China, Philippines, Honduras, Mexico, Jamaica, Quebec doing seminars of healing and deliverance. My purpose is to demonstrate God’s power of healing and deliverance as well as receive and achieve what God has promised and planned for them.

Watch my Testimony Video – You will be blessed and have hope for your healing and overcoming adversities and living in Victory Everyday!